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A good midwestern girl, I grew up in Cincinnati then spent ten amazing years in the Pacific Northwest—in the summers, windsurfing and kiteboarding on the Columbia and in the winters, cross-country skiing in the Cascades. Since 2012, I have lived on Maui where I swim in the ocean daily.

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Terrified Yet Determined

In my life, I have pushed through much adversity—financial crisis, addiction, codependency, divorce, and decades of chronic, severe health problems, each battle an extension of my voiceless childhood.

Searching for Peace

During each struggle, I was terrified yet determined to find peace. Slowly over time, as I began taking baby steps forward to change my life, a miracle unfolded: I became an expert on healing.

Growing up in fear

Growing up with a rageaholic father, I developed an emotional baseline of fear. To stay clear of his path of destruction, I taught myself the art of disappearing. From the outside I looked fine, but inside was a flail of anxiety and depression.


Now, instead of surviving, I am thriving. Instead of clinging to any scrap of feel-good that happens by and covering my shame with the antidote of the moment, I am using simple tools to accept my pain, process it, and release it.
Throughout my journey of self-discovery, I have peeled away many layers of the destructive behavior patterns that were barricading me from the happy life that I have always deserved. With support, focused effort, and the grace of the God of my understanding, I have begun to reveal and love my true self.
All of those hours I spent hypervigilantly reading my father’s moods were thankfully not wasted. I have allowed those experiences to shape me into the intuitive I am today, skilled at guiding souls toward relief from their inner chaos.
It is in humility and gratitude that I now stand before you with powerful tools that can fulfill you with an ever-increasing sense of well-being and satisfaction.

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