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Has worry got you?

🤔 Does worrying about others help them? Or just hurt you? Casey is worried about his kids, but is that his job at this point? His kids aren’t kids anymore. They’re adults! In this two-part episode, hear Casey’s struggle to let go as well as my suggestions for solutions. How will God show up in Casey’s life? Tune in to…

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Are you ready to drop the negative stories about your life?

😈 Does self-doubt sneak up on you? 📉 Are you ready to drop the negative stories about your life? Lee is asking her Higher Power to help dismiss the negative stories that she tells herself. She knows that her Higher Power supports her in fulfilling her purpose, but then self-doubt sneaks in, and she falls into fear. In the two…

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How can you plan for the future when you can barely get through today?

🤨  Can you relate to Jay’s sense of overwhelm? Jay is facing major life challenges, which makes it difficult to plan for the future. Because of fatigue from medical issues, he’s unable to perform many day-to-day functions, which causes frustration. He can’t work, which induces financial stress.💵 And he’s the full-time caretaker for his father. Yikes! Time to call in…

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Can transformation happen within dire circumstances?

🦋 Can transformation happen within dire circumstances? 🕊️Can you experience peace and joy even when you’re overwhelmed by responsibilities? Candi was taught by her grandmother that if she took things for herself, there wouldn’t be enough left over for everyone else.  She has brought that scarcity mindset into her role as the 24/7 caretaker of her husband who is terminally…

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