Do we need to look a certain way to feel good?

For the month of January, I am practicing unconditional joy. 🤩 I invite you to join me.

💄 In our culture, we are taught that we will be happier if we look similar to the images we see on screens and in magazines. While I want to disbelieve this, I feel uncomfortable when my hair isn’t pretty and when I don’t have makeup on my face. I feel like I am of lesser value.

To break free from these 💈 hair/makeup stipulations, I will be bare-faced and without any products in my hair through January 31. I’m scared of looking not-good-enough, but I’m also excited to experience life on the other side of this fear.

I’d love for you to join me in this experiment! If your appearance isn’t a hitch in your giddyup, then perhaps you can choose some other limiting belief that has been placed upon you that is holding you down.

💖 Lucky

I was blessed to spend the holidays in Orlando with friends and family. This photo is my travel day back to Maui and Day #1 of my Free-to-Feel-Joy Experiment.

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