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Got Clarity?

Got Clarity? Non-work time is not the same as engaging in activities that bring you joy. Sometimes joy just happens. The other 99% of the time, the process of inviting in joy takes time and effort. You are worth the effort!    But what if you don’t know how to move forward? You want to add healthy pleasures to your…

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Calm Your Anxiety

Calm Your Anxiety In this episode I sit down with Gina Ryan, an anxiety coach here on Maui. Gina is the host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast, which helps listeners reclaim their peace and calm. I love Gina’s Wellness Tools because they are doable. Journaling is a great way to quiet anxiety, but journaling for an hour every day? Not…

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Dream Life

Dream Life In today’s episode you will close your eyes and immerse yourself with splendid detail in your dream world. You will feel the feelings in your body of how amazing it is to live your dream. This focused daydreaming utilizes the law of attraction, which gives your desires super powered running shoes.   The more often you sit still…

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Crunched for Time

Crunched for Time In this episode, Sherry Merideth from Molalla, Oregon seeks relief from stress. When I asked about her morning routine, she shared that she gets up and watches the news, which taints her mindset with negativity that follows her throughout the day. I suggested developing a spiritual practice to lower stress levels, but she’s a busy lady growing…

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Visualize Victory

Visualize Victory Have you been working toward your goals, but the end result keeps slipping a couple of steps ahead of you into the future?    In today’s episode, you’ll receive a Wellness Tool that can empower you to get what you want and add a few minutes of happy relaxation to your daily schedule.   Utilizing the law of…

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Empty Nest

Empty Nest Sondra is struggling with her only child leaving the nest. It’s a happy leaving—Sondra’s daughter is off to her top-choice college—but leaving brings grief and loss. Soon there will be extra time in her schedule. Will Sondra’s ruminations take over her mind space? Or will she use her new free time to explore previously unavailable possibilities? In this…

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