Dream Life

Dream Life

In today’s episode you will close your eyes and immerse yourself with splendid detail in your dream world. You will feel the feelings in your body of how amazing it is to live your dream. This focused daydreaming utilizes the law of attraction, which gives your desires super powered running shoes.


The more often you sit still and dream with feeling, the faster your dream will come true. Isn’t that cool? The fastest way to make your dreams come true is to sit around and daydream about your dreams coming true?


You will still need to do the footwork. If you’re dreaming of owning your own company, you will still need to create a valuable service and market it. That’s the material world. And your new business will come together much quicker and with many more divine synchronicities if you spend time visualizing how awesome it will be.


This podcast episode is 16 minutes. Thanks for listening!


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