A new fun activity can quiet your mind

A new fun activity can quiet your mind

Is mind chatter running you ragged? Take back the controls by doing something fun. Mind chatter will never tell you Good job! Time for a break! You’ve done enough! It’s up to you to schedule down-time.


Being the stellar “Quiet Your Mind Chatter” student that you are, you pull up your calendar to schedule some much-deserved me-time, but you’re so busy taking care of the needs of others, your first open slot is two months from now on a Tuesday afternoon when you have forty-five minutes between appointments.


In today’s episode, I offer tips on how to make fun happen within your crazy schedule.


If you are willing to move toward an amazing life, then you are ready to dip your toes into the warm healing waters of our me-first ocean. When you tune into your needs and desires, you align with your authentic self, the home of inner peace and a quiet mind.


Welcome to the new you!


This podcast episode is 19 minutes. Thanks for listening!


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I love you.

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