Born to be Happy

Born to be Happy

Today’s Wellness Tool is to imagine yourself as a newborn, how wonderful you were, all shiny and new, all of your angels gathered around, excited that you had finally arrived. Imagine, at your birth, how very worthy you were of love. Now bring that feeling of entitlement into your adult world. You are still entitled to feel good.

Your angels still celebrate when you walk in the room.


It’s easy for us to say, Yes, yes, I deserve to be happy. I deserve love. But that head knowledge doesn’t always make it down to our hearts and to our feet. What we believe on the inside shows on the outside. If we’re saying that we deserve to feel good, but then we keep allowing our feet to take us to places that curse us, we’ve got some inner work to do.


This podcast episode is 16 minutes. Thanks for listening!



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