🦋 Can transformation happen within dire circumstances?

🕊️Can you experience peace and joy even when you’re overwhelmed by responsibilities?

Candi was taught by her grandmother that if she took things for herself, there wouldn’t be enough left over for everyone else.  She has brought that scarcity mindset into her role as the 24/7 caretaker of her husband who is terminally ill and angry about it.  

Fortunately, Candi already has a solid relationship with her 😇 Higher Power who strengthens her. But can she believe that the more she receives, the more she will have to give? An expert on caring for others, can she open herself to receiving care?

As you listen to today’s episode, let’s send blessings to Candi and to all of us who are overwhelmed by responsibility and yet seeking peace and joy within the challenges.

Blessings, Lucky 💙


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