Do you fear criticism?

Do you fear criticism? 😧 Do you fear change? So does today’s podcast guest! But instead of caving in, he is asking for Divine support.

Sambo is starting a new office job after working from home for twelve years. Not only will he need to trade his house slippers for 👞 dress shoes, he’ll be expected to chit chat at the whim of co-workers when all he really wants to do is get back to the task at hand.

👔 But wearing a collared shirt and being interrupted by well-intentioned staffers is nothing compared to the threat of face-to-face criticism. When working virtually, an occasional electronic check-in with his supervisor was required, but now his performance will be scrutinized by multiple in-house bosses as well is his teammates. 

Listen to this episode as I channel God’s wisdom to support my coaching client through his transition back into the brick-and-mortar working world.

Divinely Yours, Lucky😇

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