Yesterday I was gifted with a miracle. I didn’t earn it, but I had done the footwork to prepare for its arrival. I’d been asking God to help me stay present and release to Her everything else, especially my to-do list. But much of the time, I feel the dread that weighs on my chest and vehemently whispers that if 😖I don’t hurry and get things done, then I will be crushed under the weight of failure.

The miracle? The internet went down in the wee hours of the morning as I was launching into my second hour of computer work. I started to freak out. I started to get angry. But then I remembered that this was my day. My life. I could allow my anger to grow. I could allow negativity to expand and rule me, but I didn’t have to. Instead, I asked God for help. I trusted that She would transform this seeming obstacle into my greatest good.

I tried thinking of non-WIFI activities that would fill my time. I could read, I thought. I love reading! Or I could edit an off-line audio file for my podcast.

I ended up spending the morning painting my front door. A month prior, on the weekend I’d planned to paint, circumstances outside of my control had intervened, and the project had been postponed. 😇Instead of getting upset, I had simply given it to God, asking Her to choose another day for painting.

On my non-WIFI morning, as I gathered my painting supplies, I did so 💛with a happy heart. When the internet came back on just as I picked up my brush, I wasn’t even mad—a true miracle.

In working with my Higher Power on 🌱surrendering rigidity for flexibility, I have progressed in my spiritual growth so much that I was able to pivot. I was able to release expectations and not be a complete grouch about it. For me, this is true progress.

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Yours Truly,

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