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Burden of Worry

Nobody should have to experience a lifetime weighed down by worry, when you gut through each day, rarely experiencing peace inside. On the rare occasion when you do feel truly happy, you worry about when your feel-good moment will end.

Like you, for many years, I carried the burden of worry. I looked good on the outside but felt unsettled on the inside. Now, with a quiet mind, I allow my inside guide to lead me through each day. No longer living in a demanding interior environment where I was never satisfied, I now enjoy contentment with how things are.

Quieting the insatiable voice inside your head is the first step to creating your dream life. As your guide, I offer quick-and-easy Wellness Tools that will quiet your mind now and will help you later when you’re having one of those moments.

Wellness Tool:

Be present with the task at hand. Instead of holding onto your preconceived ideas about the experience, inquire with your body how it feels.

Tips on how to lose worry and enjoy contentment in my 52-second video

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