Free Yourself from Procrastination

Free Yourself from Procrastination

Do you have a heavy weight on you from all of the things you’ve been procrastinating? You tell yourself, I don’t have enough time to do that right now. I’ll get around to it later. Maybe you do actually get around to doing it later, but between here and there are miles of carrying the heavy burden of dread. This crushes your spirit. To put an end to procrastination and create a calm, happy mind, practice today’s Wellness Tool.


Wellness Tool: Do the first five minutes of a task you’ve been putting off.


Don’t commit to completing the task, just starting it. If you’re like me, the starting is the hardest part, not because the actual task is difficult but because in your mind, you make it out to be some big hairy deal. When you get started on it, you will debunk the lie and think, Eh, this isn’t a big deal. Maybe it’s not my favorite thing in the world, but I can handle it.



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Are you a procrastinator? Easy steps to become an action-taker from Maui at Wellness with Lucky


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