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Sit Back and Watch Mind Chatter

Sit Back and Watch Mind Chatter What should you do when mind chatter has you in its grips, telling you that you need to do something fast or else your whole world is going to fall apart?   In today’s episode you’ll receive a three-step process that can empower you to quickly move through emotional storms. I’ll provide details on…

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Mind Chatter Romance

Mind Chatter Romance Jeff’s mind chatter has been rampant since he and his lady friend had a moment of negative reactivity a couple of weeks ago. As a retiree with health issues, does Jeff even want a romantic partner? Listen in to this two-part coaching session as I help Jeff figure out what he needs in his life and within…

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Have Fun, Experience Wholeness

Have Fun, Experience Wholeness In today’s episode, I dare you to be your silliest self. I’m not talking about turning yourself into a clown but letting your guard down for a few minutes every week.   Choosing to incorporate non-serious, non-productive activities (aka FUN!) into your schedule can signal for those muscles in the back of your neck to finally…

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Work or Play?

  Work or Play? Mind chatter will tell you that you don’t have time for fun, that you need to keep running the marathon that never ends. In today’s episode, you will get curious about your need for relaxation. You will learn how to offer a firm yes to fun!   But what if you’re unsure if an activity falls into…

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Healthy Pleasure

Healthy Pleasure Sometimes simple pleasures are simple. Sometimes they’re not.   Maybe you have been putting in tons of hours working and are spiraling towards burnout unless you find some balance. You do some Googling and find a cool new thing. You’re about to dive in, but then you wonder if taking on a new hobby right now is self-care…

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Pockets of Fun

Pockets of Fun For a happy life you need balance, including fun. But after you get your work done, when do you have time for fun?   In today’s episode you’ll receive easy hacks for finding pockets of time to please yourself. You don’t need to overhaul your entire schedule to fit in activities that nourish your soul.    What…

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