Healthy Pleasure

Healthy Pleasure

Sometimes simple pleasures are simple. Sometimes they’re not.


Maybe you have been putting in tons of hours working and are spiraling towards burnout unless you find some balance. You do some Googling and find a cool new thing. You’re about to dive in, but then you wonder if taking on a new hobby right now is self-care or selfish. Sometimes your desires confuse the heck out of you! 


Lucky for you, today’s episode offers you a self-inquiry Wellness Tool, which in user-friendly steps, can offer clarity on which desires will bless you and which will curse you. 


This podcast episode is 22 minutes. Thanks for listening!


60-second VIDEO  PLEASURE is HEALING. Let go of judgments about your desires.

I love you!


3-minute Curiosity VIDEO – TIPS on how to SPARK NEW LIFE into your day!

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