Pockets of Fun

Pockets of Fun

For a happy life you need balance, including fun. But after you get your work done, when do you have time for fun?


In today’s episode you’ll receive easy hacks for finding pockets of time to please yourself. You don’t need to overhaul your entire schedule to fit in activities that nourish your soul. 


What does fun look like? you might ask. Maybe you’ve been so focused on everybody else for so long, you’ve forgotten how to have fun. Or the things that you enjoyed years ago, don’t work for you now. I’ll give you tips on figuring out what fun feels like for you now.


It can be hard work being a human. It’s time to enjoy yourself. When you are engaged in an activity that is pumping your heart with pleasure, your mind chatter will fall away because you will have safely landed in the present moment.


This podcast episode is 27 minutes. Thanks for listening!


60-second VIDEO A healthy balance of work and play


I love you, Lucky

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